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Component & Power

Maximizing the Power of Renewables

Eltek Valere has developed the groundbreaking THEIA HE-t photovoltaic inverters.


Utilizing more than 40 years of experience in high efficiency power conversion, Eltek Valere has developed the groundbreaking THEIA HE-t photovoltaic inverters, which are an isolated range of grid-tie inverters suitable for use with any PV technology. With a peak efficiency of 97.3%, they have the highest power conversion efficiency in the industry for isolated inverters, and are even higher than most transformerless inverters in the marketplace. With higher efficiencies equating to lower losses and lower losses meaning less stress on components, a further benefit is that of a more reliable inverter, with a longer lifetime. This is clearly an important factor for equipment used in PV plants which have expected lifetimes of 25+ years, as failures of any kind may result in unreliable energy harvesting, lost revenue and service and maintenance costs. In terms of form factors such as weight and size, it is similar to other transformerless inverters or even smaller.

All power levels in the range include an integrated Web server with an intuitive user interface. For sites with multiple inverters, a single inverter can act as a central monitoring hub to collect data and provide a single point of access. On the front of the inverter, the color display with touch sense button is also one of the first in the industry and provides an excellent user experience.

An onboard Web server included by default eliminates the need for additional and expensive dataloggers or interconnected devices for small to medium installations.

The sophisticated inverter communication system used in the THEIA He-t can be connected to a single inverter in a PV power generation plant composed of up to 100 bus-linked inverters via an Ethernet cable for the user to be able to read the total site performance information on a PC, either locally or remotely.

In summary, thanks to the state-of-the-art high frequency transformer technology, the single phase THEIA HE-t inverters are the only devices on the inverter market that combine maximum efficiency (97.3%) with the safety advantages of galvanic isolation. The THEIA HE-t series inverters can be used for crystalline and thin-film photovoltaic modules of all types. EltekValere offers the THEIA HE-t string inverters with an AC output of 2.0 to 4.4 kW. Even at low outputs, the inverters provide high-efficiency over a broad performance spectrum and can be used anywhere in the world. For operators of photovoltaic systems, this means maximum Returns On Investment (ROI). Photon Profi, a well-known German solar energy magazine tested and evaluated these parameters thoroughly. EltekValere’s THEIA 4.4 HE-t was awarded the magazine’s top rating, ‘very good’ for performance at both medium and high solar irradiance.

In addition to the high efficiency ratio, the THEIA HE-t series inverters are compact, robust (IP65 and NEMA 4X protection class), guaranteed to be long lasting and virtually maintenance free. A flexible connection set, multi-language functionality, backlit color display and integrated Web server enable quick configuration and easy operation- under very different conditions and for any type of country-specific requirements. At locations where several THEIA HE-t inverters are in use, it is possible to install one unit as a central monitoring hub for a single point access and to transmit its settings to all of the other inverters.



For more information, please send your e-mails to pved@infothe.com.

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