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Athens International Airport Goes Green

Suntech Power is counting on the Greek photovoltaic market. The company collaborated with a local partner to install solar panels at Athens International Airport. Suntech Power is introducing this very fresh story for InterPV readers.

By Jerry Stokes



Suntech Power supports the green policy of Athens International Airport (AIA) with a 8.05 MW solar system which will cover one third of the airport’s energy demand. This is the largest airport project worldwide. The project, which was finished in July 2011, is executed by Suntech’s partner, Biosar.

Athens International Airport (AIA) is one of the busiest airports in Southern Europe. Built in 2001 to replace the now closed Athens Ellinikon Airport, it is located between Markopoulo, Koropi, Spata and Loutsa, about 20 km to the east of central Athens. AIA is designed to be upgraded in coming years, and upgrades are planned in a six-phase framework. The first phase allowed the airport to accommodate 16 million passengers a year, but was upgraded to 21 million passengers a year. The sixth phase will allow the airport to accommodate as many as 50 million passengers a year. The airport can handle 65 take-offs and landings per hour, or 600 per day.

An important part of Athens International Airport’s development strategy is its green policy. A major part within this policy is the energy supply from renewable energy resources which will be supported by the new Suntech solar system.

Airports belong to the most energy consuming business venues as most Airports are constructed like small cities. Within a very dense area passengers and visitors can find shops, restaurants, travel agencies, rental car services, medical and security services. In addition there is the airline ground management, a huge logistics business from airline catering to luggage and cargo shipments and of course the actual flight business. Energy is needed for all these businesses, for lightning, air conditioning machinery as well as for powering the actual start and landing procedures.

The new solar system--which was finished in July 2011 and will be the largest airport solar system worldwide--will supply one third of the airports’ annual energy demand. The system equipped with Suntech’s STP 280-24/Vd modules will provide a total of 8.05 MW. The modules are installed in an area next to the airport.

We are proud to be part of another record breaking project. It also documents how successful the Suntech team in the Athens office has established our local presence and partner network. Successful collaborations like our partnership with Biosar are essential to successful project such as the one at Athens International Airport.


Suntech’s Solar Modules Used at Athens International Airport

-High Module Conversion Efficiency

(up to 14.4%), through superior cell technology and leading manufacturing capability

-Positive Tolerance--Guaranteed positive tolerance from 0~5% ensures power output reliability

-Suntech’s TruPower™--Suntech’s TruPower™ process neutralizes the initial LID effect

-Excellent Weak Light Performance--Excellent performance under low light environments (mornings, evenings, and cloudy days)

-Withstand High Wind and Snow Loads--Entire module certified to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal)

-Suntech Current Sorting Process--All Suntech modules sorted and packaged by amperage, maximizing system output by reducing mismatch losses by up to 2%

-Industry-Leading Warranty--All Suntech modules provide the industry-leading 25-year transferrable power output warranty which warrants 6.7% more power than the market standard over 25 years.


Jerry Stokes, President of Suntech Europe (www.suntech-power.com), has been actively involved in the solar PV, fuel cell, energy conversion, distribution and storage industries in Europe for over 20 years. He joined Suntech in 2006 and held several positions within the company including VP of Strategy and Business Development. As such, he was in charge of the growth of the business and the strategic direction of Suntech.



For more information, please send your e-mails to pved@infothe.com.

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