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  Solar install system
Model No DYSR-UP System
Country South Korea
Detailed Product Description
- The Convenience Construction : The rail for fixing modules connects to base bracket using upper bracket, and then connect rail to upper bracket by piece. This way has a convenience to fix the base bracket and rail on various length of rafter. Since the heaviest material 4 meter is only 7Kg, which is used for Aerial Work consisting of domestic roof, the task is able to work by human power so that construction cost can be reduced through schedule improvement. Using extension bracket, it’s easy to keep straight-line when the rail is arranged consecutively.
- Free control the height and angle : The rafter space is different space based 455mm according to one’s manufacture. In order to control the space of base bracket smoothly, we arranged the space of base bracket to maximum 2,000mm and Fixed at the base of the bracket and the upper bracket using the nuts and bolts are not generally flat horizontal roof to meet the situation is adjustable in 1mm increments.
- Independent construct with high Quake proof and Durability : Generally, it can endure 35m/s ~ 55m/ in reference wind speed and 10cm ~ 1M in snow load, 1.5G in earth-quake load within 0~10 degrees by 2,000mm base bracket space standard. If needs, the space can be 2,500 by aluminum alloy change of rail material. Wind load compared to withstand high snow load acting neunde focused on the lower part of the clamp was brought home to the snow melt extruded slip occurs when the moment to be able to withstand shock, anti-sliding bracket so that the bottom of the module the secondary prevention of falls is unity.
- Various installation environment : In case of Japanese family house, so many kinds of material likes tiled roof, slate, shingle and others, thus, we make various base bracket for each materials. Moreover, it has structure stability by convenience height arrangement (2mm unit) and frictional force, Especially, for tiled roof, due to different height and curve, In particular, the curvature of the tiled roof, the tiles and the height varies as to correspond to the base bracket is divided into upper and lower joints of a small home in the same box is made to engage the gear engages a convenient height adjustment (2mm units) and increased friction increased the stability of the structure.
- Wide-install scale with High Quality : DYGM SYSTEM is being produced according to the standard of ISO 9001, 14001, JIS H 4100, 4080, 4040 with rigorous quality control.
- Trestle parts and fittings are white anodized aluminum extrusion productions, especially, bolt and nuts are applied SUS so that it has corrosion resistant and anti-oxidative. Thus, they are possible to be set on marine environment and poisonous place.
These metallic nature makes DYGM SYSTEM with sunlight generation can be used semi-permanently without additional repair if module and inverter is replaced timely.

Solar install syst...
Solar install syst...
Solar install syst...
Solar install syst...

Company Name DAE YEONG METAL [Worldwide (Main Market)]
Business Type Manufacturer
Contact Person Min Woo Chang
Address 1209-7, Sinsang-li, Jinryang-eup, Gyeongbuk, Gyeongsan, South Korea
Zip 712-837
Telephone 82-53-850-1727
Fax 82-53-856-7308
Website http://www.dymetal.com

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