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All Cell & Module Production & Inspection Component & Power Solar Material
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Solar-Powered compaction bin)
- It is 100% powered by solar energy for its operation.- It automatically compresses the waste inside when it is full. This allows 3-4 times more volume of trash inside than other ordinary bins. - Clean Cube sends its information to Clean Cube networks which is a monitoring system for the efficient and cost-effective collection route and waste mana...
inverter Test
The Test System for Solar Inverters is used for the testing of inverters. It consists of a Mains Simulation (single or three phase),a PV-Simulator (single phase) and a Recuperation Unit (single or three phase).
Energy Storage System
- Energy Storage System
Energy Storage System
- Energy Storage System
Bike into the air of solar power
By using the sunlight, available without power
a-Si thin-film
1. Thin and flexible film type solar cell. 2. It is high durability film. so it can generate power despite of some damage on film.3. Easy to carry with foldable, rollable type. 4. Applicable to a variety of applications
MPPT applied Solar Charger
■ Info·High Efficiency Charging ability(Max. 95%).■ Main Functions·Everlasting life cycles.·5 step safety function to prevent Li-ion battery failure.·MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) Control Function.·Battery Voltage Sensing Function for enlarging the charging capacity.
Lithium-ion Battery Packs
■ INfo·The size of it is very small compared to the lead acid batteries·LG Battery Cell■ Main Functions·15~20 year life cycles·Wide operative temperature : -20~60°C.
SSBAT4_Mono Solar Cel
■ Info·Highest Power Output and Conversion Efficiency·Lower CTM Loss·Minimal Light Induced Degradation ·Minimal Potential Induced Degradation- STX’s ARC scheme can prevent power degradation at negative bias potential up to 5%
STXSolar ECO BLUE Module
■ Info·Eco Friendly- Pb Free Solar Cell and Solder·Water Resistance- Potting type Junction box, Low-moisture permeability backsheet ·High Durability- Enforced Encapsulant, Stabilizer bar on back side Corrosion resistance and Dust Free Frame·Chemical Resistance- Ammonia & H2S corrosion resistance(TUV, IEC 62716 and KTL)
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