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Backsheet combined with new encapsulating material

• Backsheet and thermoplastic encapsulating material in one product
• Obvious advantages compared to materials used previously
• Cost saving in module manufacturing process


Lebring, 20th August 2012 - In ICOSOLAR Encapsulant, ISOVOLTAIC offers an innovative encapsulating material which is combined directly with the established ICOSOLAR backsheets and completely replaces a layer of encapsulating material in the module. This globally unique combination demonstrates ISOVOLTAICs technology leadership yet again.


With ICOSOLAR 4002 (ICOSOLAR AAA3554 with encapsulating material), ICOSOLAR 4006 (ICOSOLAR APA 4004 with encapsulating material) and ICOSOLAR APA 3G plus (ICOSOLAR APA 3G with encapsulating material), ISOVOLTAIC enables its customers to carry out more efficient production of photovoltaic modules.




Fig. 1: ICOSOLAR 4002, established backsheet ICOSOLAR AAA3554 combined with a new encapsulating material



ICOSOLAR Encapsulant is manufactured from a new material (TPO - thermoplastic polyolefin) and has obvious advantage compared to materials used previously. A layer of encapsulant material between the cell and the backsheet is replaced completely thus simplifying the manufacturing process of photovoltaic modules. Combined with the established ICOSOLAR backsheets, the encapsulating layer exhibits excellent adhesion to all common encapsulating materials and does not form any acetic acid in the damp heat test. By comparison with EVA, encapsulant exhibits less water absorption and water vapour permeability as well as improved damp heat and UV stability.


Fig. 2: Structure of a crystalline solar module



Module producers can save costs by using the new ICOSOLAR backsheets with encapsulant. Simplified storage without air-conditioning becomes possible in addition to the saving in the layup process due to the reduction in components. ICOSOLAR backsheets with encapsulant can also be ordered cut-to-size thus creating less waste in downstream processing.


Once again ISOVOLTAIC is using its many years of experience and close cooperation with its customers to bring innovative products onto the market. Now ISOVOLTAIC is offering ICOSOLAR Encapsulant in conjunction with its polyamide-based backsheets. It is possible, however, to combine it with all ICOSOLAR backsheets.




Contact for further information:

Klaudia Schober


Head of Corporate Communications

E-mail: klaudia.schober@isovoltaic.com

Tel.: +43 (0)5 9191-9702




ISOVOLTAIC AG is a global market and technology leader for the development and production of backsheets, a key component of photovoltaic modules. ICOSOLAR backsheets provide long-term protection for solar cells and they reliably ensure that sunlight can be efficiently converted into usable energy. Products are sold mainly to large solar module manufacturers in Europe and Asia, particularly in China.

ISOVOLTAIC AG with its registered office in Graz, Austria was formerly part of the Isovolta Group and was established as an independent company in the middle of 2010. The roots of ISOVOLTAIC AG on the solar market reach back as far as 1985 when Isovolta developed the first backsheets. Nowadays, ISOVOLTAIC AG operates two production facilities in Austria and has a subsidiary company in Changzhou, China. The company is managed by Thomas E. Rossegger, CEO and Manfred Schlogl, CTO. 



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