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New ISOFOTON Director General of Strategic Development and New Markets

• With over 10 years of experience in climate change, she was Secretary of State of Climate Change from 2008 to 2011 in the Spanish Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs
• The company backs its international strategic area and stresses the importance of respecting the environment among its objectives

Madrid, September 13, 2012 - Teresa Ribera Rodríguez is the new Director General of Strategic Development and New International Markets for ISOFOTON, the worldwide leader in solar technology. This new addition to the firm aims to consolidate the companys position on emerging markets and its commitment to green growth and respecting the environment. 


"In times like these when the sector is immersed in change, our priority is to strengthen the companys areas by incorporating professionals who are familiar with the international market and base all their actions on protecting the environment," said Ángel Luis Serrano, ISOFOTON CEO. "A large European industrial group needs expert minds that are familiar with global markets and make the most of any opportunities that arise, by heading the technological transformation process."



Ribera has extensive experience as a Spanish representative in international forums on the environment and climate change, has been an active component in international and European negotiation processes and is well-known for her communicative and committed approach as well as for her role as a facilitator in agreements involving the UN, the EU and Spain in key subjects such as environmental and energy policy. 


Her experience with the Ministry of Environment enabled Spain to become consolidated as a key player in debates involving climate change and clean energy in the European Union, in those involving the G20 and those involving UN program initiatives for the Environment and Development, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 


Among other things, she was responsible for proposing and implementing measures to fight climate change and played an important role in launching the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) as well as positioning Spanish companies on international carbon and clean development markets.


"Energy is a key vector for prosperity and development. It is also the source of much of the current economic and environmental tension. I want to continue contributing to changing the current energy model into one that is clean, efficient, safe and affordable. ISOFOTON has the qualities, size and commitment necessary for becoming a worldwide reference in the sector and I am very satisfied to be able to take part in this project," confessed Teresa Ribera, adding that her role will be "key to strengthening new lines of action and development."


Ribera holds a degree in Law and is a civil servant of the Higher Corps of State Civil Administrators. She has held various government positions, including a role as Director General for Climate Change and, subsequently, as Secretary of State where she coordinated five directorate-generals which were essential for the proper management of natural capital: Climate Change, Environmental Quality and Evaluation, Biodiversity and Forest Policy, Sustainability of the Coast and National Meteorology Agency. 



ISOFOTON is an international company present in over 60 countries and leads key projects, such as that recently signed with the Government of the Dominican Republic through which it will develop one of the largest 50 MW photovoltaic plants in Latin America and the largest in the Dominican Republic. Moreover, another 50 MW plant is planned to be opened in Ecuador. ISOFOTON will also inaugurate its second plant in November in Ohio (US), with an initial capacity of 50 MW and a 300 MW project portfolio.


ISOFOTON is currently expanding internationally with a 1500 MW project pipeline in Latin America and Asia. This partnership is key in project development and ISOFOTON is backed by Asian companies such as Samsung and CGN, as well as American partners such as the University of Toledo (a pioneer in solar power development in the US) and the Rocket Ventures Fund. 


ISOFOTON is a global company present in more than 60 countries. It is a pioneer and leader in the design, manufacture and supply of solar energy solutions, and is committed to the planets sustainable development. The company focuses on the technological areas of photovoltaics and high-concentration photovoltaics.



For further information, please contact:

Gemma Martín
Communications and Institutional Relations Director
Cell: +34-610-01-8790
Iván Serrano de Huerta
Communications Department 
Tel.: +34-91-414-7819




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