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REC Innovating for Value
Founded in Norway in 1996, REC is a vertically integrated player in the solar energy industry, employing more than 3,900 people worldwide with revenues close to NOK 14 billion in 2010. Ranked among the world’s largest producers of polysilicon and wafers for solar applications and...
A Partner for Solar
A large part of photovoltaic module production involves handling and processing of glass. Bystronic glass has contributed to the PV industry in the glass processing sector since 2007.
The Inverter of the Future
Lior Handelsman, VP of Product Strategy and Business Development as well as Co-Founder of SolarEdge Technologies, discusses major challenges facing inverter manufacturers in the unpredictable market and shares his thoughts about the way forward for future inverters.
Micro-Inverter Is Rapidly Taking Share from String Inverters
According to IMS Research, more than 21 GW of solar photovoltaic capacity will be installed in 2011. This is a huge market opportunity for micro-inverters, which at present have a market share of just a few percent. Micro-inverters are rapidly taking share from string inverters a...
centrotherm photovoltaics AG: High-Tech Ideas to Lower PV Production Costs
Dr. Peter Fath, Chief Technical Officer of centrotherm photovoltaics AG, talks about what’s recently launched and what’s next at the leading technology and equipment provider for the photovoltaic sector.
ISOFOTON: 3 Core Strengths
With the manufacturing of modules, cells, trackers, inverters, regulators, lighting, batteries and pumping systems, Isofoton serves the whole value chain of the photovoltaic industry using architecturally integrated technology. CEO of the company reveals its 3 strengths that othe...
Upsolar: Excellence at Each Step
With vertically-integrated manufacturing platforms and an R&D-supported quality control system, Upsolar’s premium mono- and polycrystalline modules are reputed to be peak-performance modules in the PV industry. It’s a result of the company’s ‘Excellence at Each Step’ approach, Zh...
Hanwha Solarone: Bringing Bankability and Reliability to Solar Panels
In this interview, Sungsoo Lee, CSO of Hanwha SolarOne, talks about how Hanwha SolarOne provides best reliability and bankability after the strategic partnership between Hanwha and Solarfun Power Holdings.
Ontario PV Market Reached a More Mature State
The Canadian province of Ontario ranked second in solar Photovoltaic (PV) installed capacity in North America in 2010, trailing only California. With 220 MW installed in 2010 alone, the province is attracting huge attention from the international PV industry.InterPV magazine spok...
ET Solar: Putting Heart into Quality and Service
A one-step solution provider in the solar industry, ET Solar has unique features which differentiate it from other manufacturers. Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar, discusses what they are.
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