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A Pioneer Entering Asia
Arnold Group is already known for its technology in the mechanic cutting and grinding/polishing of poly-, mono- and multicrystalline silicon ingots. Peter Weier, Head of Business Unit Silicon Processing and Automation of Arnold Group, announces Arnold goes into Asia expanding its...
Yingli Green Energy: Affordable Green Energy for All
Increased environmental awareness combined with a motivation for cleaner energy generation has helped to promote the utilization of solar energy worldwide. Over the last 10 years, many solar companies have conquered the global marketplace. One of these is Yingli Green Energy, hea...
Who Is GP Solar?
Making affordable solar energy available worldwide is the mission that motivates GP Solar employees every day. GP Solar’s service and products can be found in more than 250 production lines with a capacity of 10 GW around the world.
TUV Rheinland: Creating Confidence in a Solar Investment
Stefan Heuer, Representative Director & CEO of TUV Rheinland Korea, talks about recent developments made by TUV Rheinland and how they are benefiting the photovoltaic industry.
Trina Solar Revealed Its Modern PV Factory to Worldwide Reporters
Journalists observed firsthand the manufacturing facility where high-quality, competitively priced solar photovoltaic modules are produced.Trina Solar invited members of both local and international media to show its advanced manufacturing facility and the cutting-edge manufactur...
Astronergy: On Fast Track to a World-Class PV Enterprise
Interview with Chuan Lu, Vice President, AstronergyAstronergy continues to research and develop the global thin-film industry’s sophisticated technology. Their comprehensiveness of what theyre able to provide gives Astronergy a competitive edge in the industry. Chuan Lu, Vice Pre...
DuPont Continues to Innovate for Solar
In 2010, DuPont sales exceeded US$1 billion for PV products, one year ahead of schedule. Its goal is to exceed US$2 billion in sales by 2014. Thanks to its market-driven innovations, DuPont thrives in the photovoltaic market.Maria E. Boulden, Global Sales Director, DuPont Photovo...
OSUNG LST Gearing Up for Growth
Based in Chungju, Korea, OSUNG LST has more than 20 years of experience in developing semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment and has sound know-how in localizing the equipment. Since it entered into the solar market in 2007, OSUNG LST has been providing ingots, wafers and ...
Bring Solar to the Mainstream
Q & A with REC Solar CEO Angiolo Laviziano
Free of Carbon Emissions by Truly Green Energy
OPV Specialist Konarka sees growing demand in thin-film solar technologies based on organic photoactive materials.This year has seen an impressive acceleration of the entire Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) field. Efficiencies above 6% have been demonstrated in several laboratories, a...
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