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Sustainable Development as an Aid in Fighting Poverty
Poverty reduction in Mexico through improved energy access and gender aspects Sustainable development and solar energy, in countries where nowadays poverty is dramatically present like South Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, etc., are not commonly related as a powerful tool, method...
The Perfect Solar Storm
With the market knowledge and ability, solar warranty programs can meet project financiers/banks’ stringent requirements which include investment returns, prudent risk-taking, and portfolio governance. A solar warranty program provides the clients with a menu of capabilities to s...
Comparison of Global PV Business and Technology Models
The solar energy industry is rapidly evolving, and the business environment continues to respond to ever-changing economic conditions. This article discusses the driving factors in photovoltaic manufacturing economics, reviews previous and current perspectives on the direction of...
North American Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Installations Surge in Q4’11
The North American region is set for more than 60% growth in 2012: Downstream companies will need to adapt to changes in end-market.
Asia-Pacific PV Installations Forecast
In the Asia-Pacific region, the Photovoltaic (PV) market is forecast to grow fast in PV capacity, which will significantly raise the region’s share of the global market according to NPD Solarbuzz .The region is poised to grow an additional 45% in 2012, as Asian governments introd...
What Is Challenging PV Businesses in 2012?
After contracting in the last several months, the Photovoltaic (PV) industry is showing signs of expansion. The PV industry experts say prices of solar products are on the high side. The price has hit the bottom and there is no sign of immediate cost decline for now. The installa...
Rooftop Solar’s Growing Appeal
As the cost of fossil fuels continues to increase, the cost of deploying solar technology is dropping. The prices of solar photovoltaic panels decreased by an astonishing 50% in 2011 alone. Solar-based green energy alternatives are becoming more mainstream as solar technology pri...
20 GW of PV Manufacturing Equipment to Be Replaced by 2016
Despite bleak outlook for the PV manufacturing equipment market in 2012, a new opportunity has been identified in the upgrade or replacement market.
PV Industry in Motion
Not yet in full swing, the year 2012 has already hit the PV industry with several unpleasant reports. The discussion about a tough cap on Germany, the most important sales market, or a temporary suspension of renewable energy incentives in Spain are only two of the news items now...
More Work Needs to Be Done to Break Down the Barriers to Solar PV Development
PV LEGAL project finds that despite some progress, many EU Member States still must remove obstacles to the deployment of renewable energy systems, especially solar PV.
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