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Component & Power >> Balance of System

Hileben is a specialized PV output enhancing system by cooling and cleaning PV panels. It has achieved a lot of certificates and prizes. It also has over 100MW actual record including exporting to Japan.
BOS, the product of Hileben, provides advanced O&M program which is clearly distinguish with old O&M program by optimizing power density and by cooling and cleaning PV panels on the purpose of maximizing output.
Hileben provides a high value as well as O&M.

  Company Name hileben
  Business Type Manufacturer
  Industry Energy
  Street Address 1002, 8, Seongnam-daero 331beon-gil, Bundang-gu
  City Seongnam-si
  Zip/Postal Code 463-844
  Province/State Gyeonggi-do
  Job Title Marketing
  Department marketing
  Name Sang-Phil Yu
  Phone 82 070 47410752
  Fax 82 031 6014036
Component & Power >> Balance of System >> Balance of System
  Main Market Worldwide
  Key Product/Services Main Products
ㆍmaximize PV output by cooling and cleaning solar panels
ㆍadvanced solution for the next generation O&M
ㆍ”SOLAR CARE” for home users
ㆍSunmax mini for under 1MW plant and Sunmax for over 1MW plant

ㆍ Founded HILEBEN Co., Ltd.
ㆍ acquired NET new technology certification (cooling/cleaning technology for photovoltaic generation with silicon)
ㆍ acquired ISO 9001, 14001
ㆍ acquired certificate of green technology (green industry field)
ㆍ earned the certificate of new and renewable energy specialist
ㆍ acquired the certification provided to the technically innovative small business (INNO-BIZ CLASS A)
ㆍ acquired the performance authentication for SUNUP, HJS and OS by the small and medium business administration
ㆍ earned the certificate of designation of excellent product
ㆍ Acquired the certificate of promising small and medium-sized enterprise

Major References
ㆍ installed products in LG photovoltaic power plant in Taean (ranked 3rd)
ㆍ installed products in the ENERVIX photovoltaic power plant in Gimcheon (ranked 2nd place)
ㆍ expanded the ENERVIX photovoltaic power plant in Gimcheon built SK photovoltaic power plant
ㆍ 11 installed BIPV at Tangjeong LCD factory of Samsung Electronics (1.2 MW)
ㆍ installed BIPV in the city council of Seoul
ㆍ additionally expanded the ENERVIX photovoltaic power plant in Gimcheon
ㆍ installed BIPV in KT relay station
ㆍ Made contracts for 16 sites of KB bank and installed products
ㆍ Signed the contract with and installed the products in the Asan Factory of Hyundai(10MW)
ㆍ Exportation of SOLARCARE to Japan(JApan Yamaguchi/Matsumoto)
ㆍ 1st BLP(12MW)
ㆍ 2nd BLP(100MW)
  Web Address http://www.hileben.com

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